LED Strip12V/24V 3000K/4000K with 120/180 leds p/m

  • Voltage Options: Available in 12-volt and 24-volt.
  • Color Temperatures: Choice of 3000K (warm white) and 4000K (neutral white).
  • IP Ratings: IP20 for dust-proof and impact resistance (ideal for indoor use), and IP68 for full waterproof and submersible capabilities (suitable for outdoor or underwater use).
  • LED Density: Options of 120 LEDs per meter or 180 LEDs per meter.
  • Size and Installation: 5-meter length with an adhesive strip for easy installation.

Discover the Flexibility of Our Versatile LED Strips

Brighten your environment with our high-quality LED strips, expertly crafted to meet a wide range of lighting preferences. Whether you’re aiming to create a warm ambiance or seeking vibrant, energy-efficient illumination, our LED strips offer the perfect solution.

Tailored Options to Fit Every Need

  • Voltage Choices: Select from 12-volt and 24-volt options, ensuring compatibility with your electrical setup.
  • Color Temperature Selection: Choose between a calming 3000K and a more neutral 4000K to set the right mood for your space.
  • Protection for Every Setting: Our LED strips come with IP20 and IP68 ratings. The IP20 rating guarantees that the 5-meter LED strip is dust-proof and protected against impacts, ideal for indoor use. Meanwhile, the IP68 rated strips are fully waterproof and submersible, perfect for outdoor or underwater applications, ensuring durability in even the most challenging environments.
  • LED Density: Decide between 120 LEDs per meter for a subtle effect or 180 LEDs per meter for intensified brightness.

The white hue of our LED strip elegantly balances between warm white and bright white, embracing the rising trend of bright white in the LED lighting industry. The IP20 protection ensures that this 5-meter LED strip is dust-proof and resistant to impacts, making it a reliable choice for indoor applications. For outdoor or challenging environments, our IP68 variant offers complete waterproof and submersible capabilities. Available in both 12 and 24 volts, these strips cater to various power requirements. A 12 or 24-volt power adapter is needed to power these LEDs. The inclusion of an adhesive strip over the entire length allows for easy installation of this versatile 3000K LED strip.

Elevate your spaces with our LED strips, where elegance meets durability and ease of use. Reach out to us to find the perfect lighting solution tailored to your needs.